Sunday, May 29, 2011

My name is Grisel and I live in New Jersey! I have been happily married since 1995 to my high school sweetheart....not something you see everyday! We've had our ups & downs, but 2 kids later, we are still here and enjoying life together. My son was born in 1998 and my daughter came along in 2005. Life definitely changed after having them, but it changed for the better. I love having kids, and have absolutely tried my hardest to enjoy every minute with them. Yes, they aggravate me to no end at times, but after some punishments are handed out, everyone is back on track, LOL!

We've spent many years without being able to travel, our trips were to the Jersey Shore! Our first trip together was when my son was 3. This was my husband's & my son's 1st trip to Walt Disney World. 7 years went by before we would go back to Disney, this time our daughter, 3 at the time, went with us too! Now I work hard to make travel plans every year, even if its just to visit family in Florida. We just have to go away and do something.

I do have a very busy life, thanks to my kids :) My son has played baseball since he was 6, and as he gets older, he plays more. Sometimes I feel like I live at the ballpark! My daughter has also started with her activities. She is currently enrolled in dance classes, which she attends twice a week. She has also shown interest in soccer and cheerleading, so that is really going to add more to my already busy schedule.

Through all of our craziness with our kids, my husband and I try to find time to ourselves. Very difficult task, but we try. One of my goals is to plan a trip for just the 2 of us.....I think it would be great for us!

I like to think of myself as a simple & friendly person. I love travel, music, Disney, baseball, dance, reality tv, movies and just spending time with my husband & kids!

Hope you enjoy reading about our lives and about my thoughts on various subjects.....Thanks for stopping by!!